Technology Is Enabling Better Virtual Claims Collaboration, But Human Touch Still Vital

Insurance has always been a people business — the industry is built on relationships and helping people through times of need.

In the past, field adjusters traveled to meet claimants, viewed property damages in person, examined damaged homes and vehicles, and wrote reports while talking with claimants.

If a lawsuit was filed, insurance representatives, attorneys, and policyholders went to hearings in person, meeting with arbitrators and judges to present cases.

But the pandemic forced every industry to get creative and find acceptable ways to replace these critical in-person activities. The breakthrough video conferencing application, Zoom, had profits of $671.5 million in 2020 — a massive increase over the $21.7 million it saw in profits in 2019.

As 2020 continued, it became clear in-person business would not resume anytime soon, and the insurance industry shifted to virtual claims collaboration.

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