What Consumers Want From The Claims Experience

Consumers are looking for a hybrid claims processing model — an intermixing of virtual and self-service with human adjuster interaction, according to the Future of Claims 2021 Report from LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

‘No matter how great the technology is, consumers still want a human touch when they need it,’ the white paper said.

‘Consumers appreciate the convenience of online, self-service virtual processes, but when they want to talk to a human nothing else can substitute — not even the most personable bot. For consumers, there’s a direct and strong correlation between embracing automation now and into the future and knowing a real person will be there to help when they need them.’

In fact, having access to a representative dramatically increases consumer comfort levels with automated claims processes across every age group, and especially for Baby Boomers, the report found. Comfort level increases even more substantially among those who’ve recently submitted a claim.

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