GIC - Geospatial Insurance Consortium

Keywords: aerial imaging, geospatial data, underwriting, risk management, claims, siu, high resolution location data
Insurers need up-to-date aerial imagery and geospatial information that is comprehensive and precise. The GIC offers a competitive edge to insurers to enhance their policy workflows, from beginning to end. As an initiative of the NICB, the Geospatial Insurance Consortium (GIC) is a member-centric organization dedicated to informing, improving, and accelerating decision-making, operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and digital innovation for insurers. By offering remarkably clear aerial content, enterprise licensing, mapping grade imagery and data, a proven partner network, and unmatched industry experience, members receive premium access and support to better grow and support their organizations. The GIC renamed itself to Geospatial Insurance Consortium from the Geospatial Intelligence Center in 2020.
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